For the Love of Kenmore: To The Next Level



He’s back for round two! Peter Kageyama's visit in the spring of 2015 was a game changer. He taught us that we can actually fall in love with our city by going beyond the purely functional and by implementing ideas for beauty, art, and connecting people together.  He taught us how to bring out the “co-creator” in all of us and generate emotional investments in our community through what Peter calls “love notes.” Since then, many love note projects have spawned throughout Kenmore, including block parties, art, beautification, and more. On April 3rd, we will celebrate our recent successes, have Peter give us a refresher course, and then take us to the next level!  

Here’s what one Kenmore resident had to say after Peter’s visit in 2015:

“Boy, were my expectations of a dry, boring meeting blown away last night.  The speaker's ability to focus on concrete ways to improve Kenmore was exceptional.”

Come and be ready to be “blown away” and learn how you can connect with your community through creating your own love notes.

Peter Kageyama, the author of For the Love of Cities and Love Where You Live, is an expert in community building. During the workshop, Peter will lead us through discussions and activities aimed at harnessing what we love about Kenmore into tangible action and results that will produce more citizen engagement, ownership, and emotional investment with our city.

Food and refreshments will be provided.

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