SR 522 Improvements (61st to 65th Avenues)

Since its incorporation, the City of Kenmore has completed several improvements to SR 522 (Bothell Way) between 65th Ave NE and the east city limits to increase safety, improve transit reliability, and ease congestion. Improvements included adding new traffic signals, street  lighting  and sidewalks, widening SR 522 for Business Access and Transit lanes, enhancing the corridor with new landscaping and medians to improve access management, replacing the Swamp Creek Bridge, undergrounding utilities, and more.
The City has recently completed the remaining improvements on the west end of the city (SR 522 West Segment).


Project Description:

Some of the planned SR522 West Segment A improvements include:

  • Widening and asphalt concrete overlay of SR 522 from 61st Ave NE to 65th Ave NE
  • Widening and asphalt concrete overlay of 61st Ave NE from mid-block NE 181st St to NE 175th St.
  • Addition of sidewalks on both sides of SR 522 from 61st Ave NE to 65th Ave NE
  • Reconstruction of the 61st Ave NE south leg of the intersection
  • Additional lanes on 61st Ave NE approaches to SR 522 to increase capacity and safety
  • New traffic signal and pedestrian crossing improvements at 61st Ave NE and SR 522 intersection
  • Improved ADA accessibility
  • Raised landscaped medians between 62nd Ave NE and 65th Ave NE
  • Retaining walls with concrete fascias
  • Incorporated public art, and icon lighting at 61st and 65th intersections
  • Burke-Gilman Trail Crossing treatments
  • Conversion of utilities to underground; removal of utility poles; new street lighting]

The SR 522 West Segment A is fully funded

The final segment (SR 522 West Segment B) from west city limits to 61st Avenue NE recently received a $12M in State funds as part of the State Transportation Bill, which will complete SR 522 improvements in Kenmore (Page 16 of funded projects link):  The State funding is programmed in $4M increments over three State biennium budgets (2017-19, 2019-21, 2021-23). The City continues to discuss options with the State to accelerate the timing of funds. With the current funding program, the final West B segment would be completed in 2023. 


SR 522 Improvements Vicinity Map
SR 522 Improvements Budget
SR 522 Construction Updates Website


Kent Vaughan, Senior Civil Engineer/ SR 522 Project Manager
Phone: (425) 398-8900

To report any construction related issues, please call the 24-Hour Project Hotline at (425) 877-9916 or email

Last updated: Thu, 03/16/2017 - 9:26am