Individual Tree Removal: The City of Kenmore requires a tree removal application for all tree removal not related to development. Tree removal related to development (i.e. subdivision) will be reviewed as part of the land use application through a tree management and protection plan. For individual removal not related to development, application form #303 is required. The City will review the application and determine if a permit is required. If a permit is required, the permit fee is $82.95; this fee is based on the 2019 fee resolution as adopted by the City Council. An additional 3% applies to credit card payments. Trees located in the public right-of-way (ROW) require a ROW permit  (form #304).


Tree Removal related to Development Projects: Retention and protection of existing healthy trees is one of the primary goals of Kenmore's tree management regulations and should be implemented as part of a development's tree management plan.  Trees provide countless benefits to soil, surface water, wildlife, and add natural beauty and sense of place for communities (KMC 18.57.015). Tree Management Plans associated with developments are reviewed as part of the land use application prior to preliminary approval.  For information on how to develop a tree management plan see Guide to Developing a Tree Management and Protection Plan (form #503).


Hiring an Arborist? To search for an International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) certified arborist visit their website at


Tree Maintenance: Healthy trees are an asset to our community. The practice of tree topping often leads directly to a tree becoming unhealthy and unsafe. The City of Kenmore does not encourage tree topping; selective pruning is preferred (not to exceed 20% per year -- or less for older trees). Because of this, we encourage residents to contact a certified arborist when they are considering tree care and maintenance.


Working Near Power Lines: Contact Puget Sound Energy (PSE) at 425-748-6332 or e-mail them. Their website says, "It is extremely unsafe for you to trim vegetation growing near power lines, even trees that are on your property. Only specially-trained tree trimming professionals should do this work. Please call your local tree contact or email and we'll send out a PSE-certified arborist and crew at no cost to you."


Tree Protection During Construction: Trees to be protected and preserved shall be protected from potentially damaging activities as described in KMC 18.57.090 unless otherwise approved by the City


Emergency Removal: Per KMC 15.25.080, "Where repairs or activities necessary to prevent or correct an immediate threat to public health, safety, property or welfare are performed in an emergency situation, the permit application and evidence of the threat shall be submitted within the next business working day to the City (for example, landslide stabilization, flood prevention and hazard tree removal). Mitigation may be required for such repairs of activities."


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