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City Council

Council Overview 

The seven member City Council is the legislative branch of the city government and serves as the policymaking body. The Council is empowered with the authority to enact ordinances and policies and adopt regulations on rates and fees for services provided to the citizens.

The Council selects one of its members as Mayor and one of its members as Deputy Mayor, both to two-year terms. Council elections are held in November in odd-numbered years, and those elected serve four-year terms. In one election, three Council positions are elected (positions two, four and six), and in the other, four Council positions are elected (positions one, three, five and seven).

Council appoints a City Manager to provide management direction of all City departments and activities in accordance with City Council policies and direction.


City Council web

Back Row: Mayor David Baker, Councilmember Milton Curtis, Councilmember Brent Smith, Deputy Mayor Allan VanNess
Front Row: Councilmember Stacey Denuski,
Councilmember Nigel Herbig, Councilmember Laurie Sperry

City Council Meeting Schedule 

The Kenmore City Council welcomes your participation in the process of local government. Council meetings are held the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Mondays of the month at 7:00 p.m. at the Kenmore City Hall, Council Chambers, 18120 68th Ave. NE, Kenmore. These meetings are open to the public, and public comments are accepted at the beginning of the meeting.

LIVE STREAMING City Council Meetings

City Council meetings are now being videotaped for "on demand" viewing after the meeting has been published and also streaming live during the meeting.  For PCs, you will be prompted to download Silverlight if you don't have it.  For other devices, you will need to download the AV Capture All app.  Streaming is currently not available on Android devices, but is planned for the near future.  TO ACCESS LIVE STREAMING:  Click on the link above; then click on the "Streaming Live" tab; then click on "View Session."  TO ACCESS A MEETING "ON DEMAND": Click on the link above; then click on the "Recorded" tab; then click on the meeting you wish to view.  If you have difficulty streaming the meeting to your computer, please let us know by e-mailing 

City Council Meeting Agenda

City Council meeting agendas are available to the public from the City Clerk's office the Friday prior to the Monday meeting and are posted to the iCompass File Pro website. Agendas are also posted at Kenmore City Hall, Northshore Fire Department, and Kenmore Library. Copies are also available at the Council meeting. 

Upcoming agendas, as they become available:

Monday, February 23, 2015 - City Council Regular and Special Joint Planning Commission - 7:00 p.m.

Monday, March 2, 2015 - City Council Special Meeting - 7:00 p.m.

To receive council agendas by email, contact the City Clerk's Office at  

Council meeting minutes are available online a few days after they are approved by Council.

Kenmore Transportation Benefit District Meeting Agenda  

Mon., January 26, 2015 - TBD Board Regular Meeting - CANCELED

Click here for more information about the Transportation Benefit District.

City Council Goals

  1. To continue to implement the Economic Development Plan.
  2. To continue to seek transportation funding and mitigation for State impacts on the city's transportation system, air-water quality, and noise to include but not limited to SR 522, Sammamish River Bridge, local roads and Lake Washington sediment depths.
  3. To continue to establish a contemporary Information Technology Program.
  4. To continue to pursue downtown development, with an emphasis on Kenmore Village.
  5. To advance the public's access and connection to the waterfront.
  6. To continue to seek opportunities to complete a successful Lakepointe development.
  7. To establish a 20 to 30 Year Sidewalk Plan.
  8. To implement a Parks Improvement and Financial Plan.
  9. To establish a long term Financial Plan for the future.
  10. To conduct a comprehensive review of the Regional Business Zone.
  11. To move the City Council's Interconnectivity Vision forward toward a parks improvement and financing plan implementation (parks, trails, open space, etc.).
  12. To address watershed issues affecting the City.

Audience Participation

The City Council encourages citizens to express their opinions on any matter within the Council's authority. Oral presentations and written communications are both appropriate methods of expression during public meetings. Written communications also may be directed to the City Council or City Manager at City Hall.

On each Council meeting agenda there is an item called "Citizen Comments." This is the time in which a person may present an issue, raise a question or concern, voice a complaint, or compliment the City. Comments may be made at this time on any subject which is not quasi-judicial in nature or scheduled for a public hearing. (Quasi-judicial matters are typically those which involve obtaining a legal permit for a specific development or land use for which a public hearing has previously occurred.)

Speakers are asked to limit their remarks to three minutes. If you do wish to participate at a City Council meeting, there is a citizen comment sign-in sheet from which the City Clerk will call your name when it is your turn to speak. Once called, speakers must step to the lectern and microphone placed in front of the Council and, after receiving recognition from the Mayor, state their name and address for the record. All remarks should be addressed to the Council as a group, not to any particular Council member or any member of the City staff or audience.

Whenever a group wishes to address the Council on a subject, the Mayor may request that a spokesperson be chosen to speak for the group. Applause or other displays of approval or disapproval are inappropriate and are not permitted during Council meetings.