Traffic Safety Update: April 27, 2017

On Monday, April 24th, 2017, the City Council reviewed:

  • The Neighborhood Transportation Plan Program (NTPP) progress update
  • 84th Avenue NE / Simonds Road pedestrian safety improvements
  • 75th Avenue NE and 67th Avenue NE traffic calming chicanes
  • Proposed traffic circles on 62nd Avenue NE and 66th Avenue NE (future NTPP projects)


84th Avenue NE / Simonds Road pedestrian safety improvements: The City Council has directed City staff to replace the existing planters at 84th Avenue NE and Simonds Road with an extruded curb.  The City will also paint the bicycle lanes on Simonds Road green adjacent to the curb.  These modifications will be made in the coming weeks. Council asked that staff continue to monitor the intersection to ensure it achieves the City’s safety goals. 

The City will work with property owners around the 84th Avenue NE and Simonds Road intersection to address vegetation visibility concerns.  Citizen comment was made at the April 24th City Council meeting regarding the location of the vehicle stop bars on 84th Avenue NE.  The placement of stop bars, at all intersections, is intended to draw driver attention to the need to stop at an intersection.  Stop bars are not always placed in a location with the best visibility for entering an intersecting roadway.  Drivers are legally required to stop at the bar.  Drivers may then move forward to get appropriate visibility to travel lanes, even if this movement requires entering parking lanes, crosswalks or bicycle lanes. 

Curb and Striping Plan for 84th Ave NE & Simonds Rd

75th and 67th Avenues NE traffic calming chicanes: The residents on 75th Avenue NE and 67th Avenue NE were invited to participate in an online survey to gather feedback on the preferred approach to traffic calming on their streets.  Both streets had received traffic calming chicanes as part of the NTPP.  For both streets, there was a preference for speed cushions to replace the existing chicanes among the survey responses and during public comment at the April 24th City Council meeting.  Council directed staff to proceed with the design and installation of the speed cushions, and to remove the chicanes.  Staff expects to have the speed cushions designed and in place by the summer of 2017.

Proposed traffic circles (62nd and 66th Avenues NE): At the April 24th meeting, Council was presented with background information on three of the remaining projects from the NTPP.  Traffic circles are proposed at three intersections in the northeast part of the City, at the request of the neighborhood through the NTPP.  City Council directed staff to conduct a neighborhood vote regarding installation of one of these traffic circles (at 66th Avenue NE and NE 194th Street).  The other two circles (at 62nd Avenue NE and NE 196th Street and 62nd Avenue NE and NE 197th Street) will proceed with installation following additional public notification of the improvements. Construction is anticipated for this summer or fall.


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