Kenmore Village: Downtown Development Project

Kenmore Village is a 9.6 acre property located in the heart of downtown Kenmore. The City is making progress in implementing the community's vision of Kenmore Village as a walkable place with a public square where Kenmore-area residents and workers can meet their daily needs and see one another face-to-face.

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Town Green & Pavilion Building

The City is excited to incorporate a public square or "Town Green" in the heart of downtown Kenmore. This public gathering space will help create our own sense of place and downtown identity. The Town Green is planned to be constructed on the north side of NE 181st Street, near the northwest corner of NE 181st Street and 68th Avenue NE.

The final design concept is the result of public input over three community workshops. The pavilion building sits within the larger Town Green, and along with City Hall provides a "gateway" to the City of Kenmore.  The building acts as a lantern and beacon marking the city center.  In combination with bringing more green landscape to the center of Kenmore, building materials bring the warmth of wood and light.  The pavilion is a simple "shelter" structure, with an orientation that addresses both City Hall / intersection, as well as the plaza. Retail spaces are intended as smaller spaces under the larger shelter of the pavilion structure.

68th Ave NE Restripe
As part of the completion of the Kenmore Village downtown project, 68th Avenue NE will be restriped between NE 181st Street and NE 182nd Street. We are currently expecting this restriping to occur in the summer of 2016. New on-street parking will be added to both sides of 68th Ave NE between NE 181st Street and NE 182nd Street. All new on-street parking will be limited to two hours on weekdays between 6:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m.

Stay Informed
To stay informed on the Town Green project, you can sign up to the City's email distribution list. Project updates will be posted on this web page. If you have any questions, contact Community Development Director Debbie Bent at 425-398-8900 or



Spencer 68 Apartments + Lofts

On the 4.75-acre upper, residential portion of Kenmore Village, MainStreet Property Group LLC is moving full steam ahead on the Spencer 68 Apartments + Lofts project. The first phase of development includes:

  • 138 high-quality residential units, ranging from studio to three bedrooms;
  • Four separate buildings ranging from three-to-five stories in height, consistent with allowable height in the Downtown Residential zone;
  • 148 parking stalls with a combination of structured, tuck under, and surface;
  • Street frontage improvements on 68th Avenue NE & NE 182nd Street; and
  • First class resident club-house, fitness and bicycle facilities and recreation space including a swimming pool and grand barbeque seating area.

In addition, MainStreet has agreed to construct an upgraded pedestrian crossing on 68th Avenue NE, utility undergrounding on 68th Avenue NE, the construction of a new stairway on the adjacent south property, among other improvements.

Development of up to 325 residential dwelling units can occur over two phases, although MainStreet currently plans on constructing approximately 220 units between the two phases. Twenty-five percent of the units will be affordable at 85 percent of King County median income. At least five of the units will be affordable at 50 percent of King County median income.

For details on Spencer 68 Apartments, visit If you have any questions, contact Associate Planner Andrew Bauer at 425.398.8900 or

Ordinance 13-0371 approving Development Agreement and addendum
Staff presentation to City Council on Dec. 9



Lower Portion of Kenmore Village

MainStreet Property Group LLC purchased the lower commercial portion of Kenmore Village in March 2015. The City will retain ownership of a portion of the lower property where the town green and pavilion building will be built. MainStreet is motivated to bring new construction to the commercial site, including possible retail and office uses.

Kenmore Camera opened in its new location at Kenmore Village in January 2014. Kenmore Camera's grand opening weekend in February 2014 resulted in record sales for any weekend in the store's 40-year history. This transaction between the City and Kenmore Camera allowed one of our very own home-grown businesses to expand in Kenmore, more than tripling their building footprint. In fact, Kenmore Camera now has bragging rights as the largest stand-alone camera store on the West Coast north of Los Angeles. The purchase price for the building and the parcel was $1.25 million. The 1.5 acre parcel includes the property directly in front of the building but does not continue all of the way to the sidewalk. The City retained approximately 15,000 square feet of real estate in front of the building between the sidewalk and the southern edge of the adjusted parcel line.

Post Office Parcel: Due to groundwater contamination coming from a former dry cleaner use on an adjacent property to the west, the City is not likely to sell the post office parcel at this time. The adjacent property is currently engaged in a cleanup action with the Department of Ecology. In several years, the property may be cleaned up and the City may decide on the disposition of the post office property at that time.



History and Background

In the first half of 2012, the City began an extensive community involvement process to 1) review goals for the downtown, 2) develop a position statement for the Kenmore Village properties, and 3) establish strategic next steps to take the properties to market and thereby sell the properties to buyer(s) who would further the City's goals and bring new investment to downtown Kenmore.  The community involvement process included multiple meetings, forums, and open houses to obtain public input on the Kenmore Village properties. In late 2012, the City retained two brokerage firms to list the Kenmore Village properties for sale.

Between 1999 and 2005, the City purchased and assembled approximately 9.6 acres of downtown commercial and downtown residential property at the northwest corner of 68th Avenue and 181st Street in downtown Kenmore.  The City paid a total of $8,225,000 for the properties. In 1999, the City acquired the 0.77 acre parcel where the U.S. Post Office currently resides.  Prior to the Post Office occupying the site, the building was the home of Kenmore City Hall for the first ten years of the City's existence. The City acquired the remaining portion of Kenmore Village Shopping Center, approximately 4.1 acres, in 2003. The City sold 1.5 acres to Kenmore Camera in 2012. With the exception of the post office, the remaining portion of the Kenmore Village shopping center includes buildings with existing tenants. These tenants are on relatively short-term leases, ranging from six-month to one-year termination provisions. The City purchased the 4.75 acre upper portion of the former King County Park & Ride in 2005 and sold the property to Main Street Property Group LLC in 2013.


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