Downtown Kenmore Redevelopment Project

The City is making progress in implementing the community's vision of downtown Kenmore as a walkable place with a public square where Kenmore-area residents and workers can meet their daily needs and see one another face-to-face.

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Kenmore’s downtown redevelopment is well underway, with new private sector investment in what was formerly known as downtown Kenmore approaching $100 million since 2014. The LINQ building is nearing completion, with Evergreen Health clinic, including 7-day-a-week urgent care, to open this fall. The Kenmore Town Square is complete, and the new Hangar community building is expected to open in August after Diva Espresso completes their interior tenant improvements. A grand opening celebration for the Town Square and Hangar is scheduled on Saturday, August 26 from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.


What is Downtown Kenmore?

When we refer to downtown Kenmore, we’re talking about approximately 9.6 acres of property at the northwest corner of 68th Avenue NE and NE 181st Street—property that, from 1999 to 2005, the City purchased and assembled for downtown development.

Then, from 2006 to 2012, the City went through one round of potential development that ended with the City and developer mutually deciding to part ways. This prompted the City to begin anew the process of strategically planning and taking action to turn these combined properties into a recognizable city center. And now, in 2017, we are seeing the results of all that purchasing and strategic planning—because downtown Kenmore is almost here!

Kenmore Camera is in place, daily drawing customers from all over the region. EvergreenHealth, the Spencer 68 and LINQ apartments, lofts and flats are bringing in new residents of dynamic backgrounds. New mixed-use commercial development is coming soon just south of the LINQ under the name of Spencer Square. Construction for our very own Town Square was completed in summer 2017. 

Get a more detailed play-by-play of the downtown Kenmore story below.


What’s Next?


MainStreet Property Group is constructing a new “sit-down” restaurant, the future home of Seaplane Kitchen + Bar, and office space on the parcel adjacent to and at the west end of the Kenmore Town Square.

MainStreet is also proposing a mixed-use building between the LINQ Lofts + Flats and the Hangar with street-level commercial along 68th Avenue NE and residential units above. This proposed building will include a parking garage on the lower level (below 68th Avenue NE).

MainStreet hosted an open house for the public on July 10, 2017, at Kenmore City Hall. The open house featured drawings and schematics of the proposed restaurant/office building as well as the proposed mixed-use building. 

On July 10, the Kenmore City Council received an update on MainStreet’s proposed new downtown buildings. To view the report for the July 10 City Council meeting, click here. City Council action is neither expected nor required because MainStreet’s proposal is expected to meet existing code requirements.

In order to obtain approval to construct these proposed new buildings, MainStreet will need to meet City code requirements, including parking regulations. A parking study will be required.

If MainStreet obtains permit approval, construction on the restaurant/office building is expected to begin late Fall 2017. If all goes well, the restaurant could be open for business as soon as late Summer 2018.

The construction timeline for the proposed mixed-use building along 68th Avenue NE has not yet been established.


On August 3, 2015, Council approved a Development Agreement and Site Plan to establish standards for developing the parcels. The Development Agreement and Site Plan reflects four phases and did not require the developer to pursue phases in any specific order:

Phase A: One single-story, 20,000-square-foot commercial building at Parcel B.

Phase B & C: Mixed-use building and structured parking garage (LINQ) and Parcel D; and 

Phase D: Sit-down Restaurant building at Parcel C. 

In the Development Agreement, MainStreet acknowledged that both buildings (Phases A & D), when designed, would be subject to design review and subject to a Development Agreement amendment if deviations from the Kenmore Municipal Code (“KMC” or “code”) were proposed, including deviations from minimum parking requirements.

MainStreet has recently provided conceptual-level drawings (Exhibit C) which demonstrate general compliance with the requirements of the KMC. MainStreet is proposing to meet the code, thereby avoiding a Development Agreement amendment. Development Services staff reviewed the conceptual-level plans as part of a pre-application meeting and has determined that, while some changes to the plans are necessary, the project is generally capable of meeting design review requirements. The conceptual plans propose the following:

Parcel B: Construct one commercial building fronting 68th Avenue NE, featuring approximately 4,200 square feet of retail/commercial along 68th Avenue NE with 19 residential flats above and tuck-under parking. The southwest portion of the building includes 1,500 square feet of commercial or residential (“Live or Work”) fronting Town Square with 5 townhome-style units above.
Parcel B: Construct one restaurant/office building containing a 5,000-square-foot sit-down restaurant and 3,000 square feet of office space.

Parcel B & C: the developer proposes high-end exterior finishes, expansive glass and enhanced space-activating pedestrians landscaping, pathways, and connection points.


Parcel C

Parcel C

Parcel B

Parcel B














For questions, contact Bryan Hampson, City of Kenmore Development Services Director at 425-398-8900 or email

To stay informed on the downtown Kenmore project, you can sign up to the City's email distribution list. Project updates will be posted on this web page and on



Town Square & Hangar


The Town Square features ample seating and a water feature.

Inside the Hangar, you will find many spots for you to relax, read, study, gather, and play. 

Seattle coffee shop Diva Espresso is featured as the retail tenant inside the Hangar.

Outside the Hangar, you will find a bike repair station and several bike racks.













The Town Square and Hangar are now open! Located at 6728 NE 181st St, the mission of the Town Square and Hangar is to mold signature downtown public spaces where Kenmore area residents, visitors, and business people can gather, interact, meet some of their daily needs, and have an authentic local sense of place. By achieving this mission, the Town Square and Hangar will build a sense of community and can serve to catalyze economic vitality and investment in Kenmore's downtown. 


What is the Town Square?


Connected to the Hangar by a large airplane hangar-style door that can remain open on warm summer days, the Town Square is an outdoor gathering space that features a “dock” to sit on and dangle feet in water fed by fountains interwoven with lights. Bike racks and a bike maintenance station providing air and tools for minor repairs, and a bike charging station for electric bicycles provide support for this modality. During cooler months the Town Square offers unique heated rocks—realistic giant rocks heated with radiant heat to provide a warm respite from chilly air. Backyard-style seating areas in casual groupings provide an additional option for lingering. Complete with a doggie station and bag dispenser to accommodate those with leashed dogs, and other surprises waiting to be discovered, the Town Square offers 12,750 square feet of companion space to the Hangar, a perfect setting for community interaction.


What is the Hangar?

Designed to accommodate community gatherings and shared use, the Hangar features a double-sided fireplace and eclectic array of comfortable furniture creating a warm and intimate space to read, converse, work on homework or simply hang out. This 1,985-square-foot common area “Otter” has free Wi-Fi, a variety of outlets including phone and computer charging stations, a projector and screen and a robust audio-visual system, all contributing to a contemporary, technology-enabled space. Adjacent to the main space is a 208-square-foot multi-purpose room “Beaver” with glass sliding doors set in the open position when the room is not in use. This public space contains a flat-screen television and is available for reservations.

Co-located within the Hangar is retail tenant Diva Espresso, a northwest original coffee franchise that roasts its own beans at its warehouse in north Seattle. Diva Espresso will sell various beverage and food options, including coffee drinks, teas, smoothies, baked goods, sandwiches, ice cream, and beer and wine for on-premises consumption. The Hangar allows visitors to take advantage of the offerings of Diva Espresso or just hang out in a community “living room” that is free and accessible to all.


The Hangar is open 6:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday, and 7:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. on Sunday. 



Spencer 68 Apartments + Lofts 


On the 4.75-acre upper, the residential portion of downtown Kenmore, MainStreet Property Group LLC has completed the Spencer 68 Apartments + Lofts project. The first phase of development was completed in Fall 2015 and includes  138 high-quality residential units, ranging from studio to three bedrooms,  148 parking stalls,  street frontage improvements on 68th Avenue NE & NE 182nd Street,  resident club-house, fitness and bicycle facilities and recreation space including a sports court and grand barbeque seating area.

The second phase of development has been completed and includes 84 high-quality residential units, ranging from studio to three bedrooms; 104 parking stalls with a combination of structures and surface; and street frontage improvements on NE 182nd Street.

MainStreet also constructed an upgraded pedestrian crossing on 68th Avenue NE, utility undergrounding on 68th Avenue NE, the construction of a new stairway on the adjacent south property, among other improvements.  Twenty-five percent of the units are affordable at 85 percent of King County median income.  Five of the units affordable at 50 percent of King County median income. For details on Spencer 68 Apartments, visit



LINQ Lofts + Flats

LINQ Lofts + Flats was completed and opened to the public in February of 2017 and features 94 modern residential flats and lofts, along with approximately 20,000 square feet of commercial space leased to Kirkland-based Evergreen Health. The five-story development is comprised of four-stories of residential units above approximately 20,000 square feet of commercial space and one level of under-building parking. The project also incorporates many sustainable features while pursuing LEED Gold status.

For details on the LINQ building visit



Lower Portion of downtown Kenmore


MainStreet Property Group LLC purchased the lower commercial portion of downtown Kenmore in March 2015. The City retained ownership of a portion of the lower property where the Town Square and pavilion building are now complete.  A third parcel (west of the Town Square) is also owned by MainStreet to produce the sit-down restaurant, Seaplane Kitchen + Bar. Kenmore Camera opened in its new location at downtown Kenmore in January 2014.  The Post Office Parcel is also owned by the City and due to groundwater contamination coming from a former dry cleaner use on an adjacent property to the west, the City is not likely to sell the post office parcel at this time. The adjacent property is currently engaged in a cleanup action with the Department of Ecology. In several years, the property may be cleaned up and the City may decide on the disposition of the post office property at that time.



Downtown Kenmore Timeline


1961 – 1978
Four buildings are constructed in downtown Kenmore.

Kenmore incorporates as a City.

City acquires 0.77-acre parcel and building for use as City Hall (where the U.S. Post Office currently resides).

City approves Downtown Plan and acquires downtown Kenmore’s two shopping center parcels, approximately 4.1 acres.

City purchases 4.75-acre upper portion of the former King County Park & Ride (completing the 9.6 acres of property known as downtown Kenmore).

2006 – 2007
City selects a developer and executes a development agreement for sale and development of the downtown Kenmore property (9.6 acres).
City purchases property across 68th Ave NE from downtown Kenmore for the site of a new City Hall.

The City leases a portion of the former city hall parcel and building to the US Post Office.
Construction begins on new City Hall building.

Brand new City Hall opens for business.

The City and previous downtown Kenmore developer mutually decide to part ways and end development agreement.
The City sells 1.5 acres of downtown Kenmore property to Kenmore Camera. 
The City begins extensive community involvement process to review goals for the downtown and establish strategic next steps to take properties to market.
The City retains two brokerage firms to list the downtown Kenmore properties for sale.

The City sells 4.75 acres of former Park & Ride property to MainStreet Property Group LLC for the development of Spencer 68 Apartments + Lofts.

The City enters into purchase and sale agreement with MainStreet that splits the remaining portion of downtown Kenmore into five parcels -- two of which are reserved as the site for the City's Town Square.


The City sells two parcels north of the Town Square site to MainStreet for mixed-use development (Spencer Square) and leaves a third parcel (west of the Town Square) open for sale to MainStreet if they can produce a sit-down restaurant there.
MainStreet completes construction of Spencer 68 (Phase 1) residential units.

Construction begins on Town Square Project.
MainStreet begins construction on Spencer 68 (Phase 2).

MainStreet begins construction on the LINQ building.

MainStreet completes construction on Spencer 68 (Phase 2).

MainStreet completes construction of the LINQ building.

Construction for Kenmore Town Square and Hangar building come to completion.

Construction for restaurant and office pad west of Town Square begins in December 2017.


Minahan Dentistry will be moving their location within downtown Kenmore to occupy the office space located on the bottom floor of The LINQ, neighboring EvergreenHealth.

Red Barn Engineering, a woman-owned business that has been located at the Kenmore Business Incubator for almost a year, located into their new office just west of Kenmore Camera in January 2018.  

Kenmore Pediatric Dentistry announced they will be building a new office space in the lot 18050 NE 181st Street, located between Rite Aid and Kenmore City Hall.


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