Requests for Proposals

Want to work with the City of Kenmore? Below is a list of current projects for which the City of Kenmore is seeking bids, Request for Proposals, or Request for Qualifications. Each project notice contains instructions on how interested parties can obtain detailed information for the project. 

For public works related projects, visit the MRSC Roster. Contractors interested in bidding on public works projects should apply to be placed on the Small Public Works Roster. The City publishes request for proposals and/or qualifications in the Seattle Times and/or Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce. Bids are also made available on this page. Please check back for updates.





The following firms submitted RFPs:

  • Inslee Best
  • Lighthouse Law Group
  • Ogden Murphy Wallace
  • Kenyon Disend

Interviews will be scheduled in September.



Questions from the July 8, 2019 Pre-Conference:

​What are the current Associate rates with Inslee Best?

$265 an hour. 

How many total written proposals are due to the City?

Ten (10) total copies.

What are the City's pending litigation matters?

See attached letter.


Note: Since the date of that letter, there is also an appeal regarding the City's Mobile Home Zoning with the Growth Management Board. 


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