Transportation Benefit District

Board Members


Meeting Information

Unless otherwise posted, meetings are held the first month of each quarter on the fourth Monday following a City Council meeting

The Kenmore Transportation Benefit District was established in April 2012. The District is created for the sole purpose to acquire, construct, improve and fund the City's transportation infrastructure. District's are created in order to help generate a new source of dedicated revenue to specifically fund transportation projects. The City Council serves as the District's Board of Directors.


Who may create a Transportation Benefit District?

The legislative authority of a county or city may create a TBD by ordinance following the procedures set forth in the Revised Code of Washington (RCW) Chapter 36.73.


Who governs the Transportation Benefit District?

Pursuant to RCW 36.73.020(3), the members of the legislative authority (county or city) proposing to establish the TBD may appoint themselves or others to be the governing body of the TBD.  Kenmore City Council, acting ex officio and independently, is the TBD governing body.


What action has the Kenmore TBD Board taken to date?

At the first TBD meeting in July 2012, the Board selected officers and adopted several housekeeping items.  At the November 20, 2012 TBD special meeting, after reviewing multiple funding source options, the Board adopted a $20 annual Vehicle Fee funding source. This fee will be collected in conjunction with renewal of vehicle licenses.  The funds will be collected by the state and sent to the City of Kenmore.  Kenmore staff is currently working with the State to put the collection mechanism in place for the $20 vehicle fee.  Collection will begin after April of 2013 as there is a six month waiting period to begin collections.

Funds collected from the $20 Vehicle Fee will be utilized for the City's annual Pavement Preservation Program.

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