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Pre-Application Process

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The pre-application meeting is an opportunity for the Development Review Team (DRT) to review an applicant’s potential project proposal prior to filing a formal application. The DRT consists of the City’s planning (zoning, environmental, shorelines), engineering (traffic, stormwater), and building (building code) staff, as well as the Northshore Utility District (water, sewer), and Northshore Fire District (emergency access, fire code).

A pre-application meeting is required for all new short plats, long plats, site plans, variances, conditional use permits, shoreline substantial development permits, wireless communication facilities, and other types of projects requiring involvement from multiple members of the DRT.

Pre-application meetings are scheduled approximately 3 weeks after submittal of the request (i.e. permit application, plans, project description, etc). This 3 week lead time provides the DRT an opportunity to thoroughly review the project for compliance with applicable regulations, understand potential issues with the project, and identify all necessary permits and approvals.

Written feedback and “draft” review comments from the DRT is provided to the applicant prior to the pre-application meeting in order to ensure the applicant has time to prepare for the meeting and invite additional attendees if necessary.

The format of the pre-application meeting is intended to be informal and create a collaborative environment in which DRT members and the applicant work together. The pre-application meeting will be attended by all appropriate DRT members and time is typically used to discuss the project in more detail, go through the feedback and “draft” review comments, and answer questions the applicant may have.

Following the meeting, the DRT will “finalize” the review comments by incorporating any revisions or new information which came up during the pre-application meeting. The final review comments will be provided to the applicant within 2 business days after the pre-application meeting and will include application forms and submittal checklists to file a formal application for the project. The information provided as part of the pre-application process does not constitute a formal approval or permit and does not vest any portion of the application or future applications.

There is no fee for a pre-application meeting.

Submittal Requirements

Generally speaking, the higher quality and more detailed plans and information submitted to the DRT for review will result in higher quality and detailed feedback in return – which could eliminate time-consuming revisions later during the formal application review. Below is a guideline of the minimum information which should be submitted for a pre-application meeting request. In some circumstances, City staff may require specific information or studies be provided by the applicant prior to a pre-application request.

If you are not quite to the stage where you have a great level of detail, or just have questions related to a project you have prepared yourself, you should contact Development Services staff to get your questions answered.

How To Apply

To apply please complete forms #101 and #105. You may apply online at My Building Permit or at the permit counter located within Kenmore City Hall during open counter hours. For questions please contact (425) 398-8900 or e-mail.