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State of the City

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2020 State of the City Event

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"In closing...A message from my Mom: Have you learned as many things as I have these last three months? I have learned to more deeply value family, friends, gatherings, human touch, a phone call, TP, abundance, the refuge of my home, and the service of others. And the joy of making jam! I’ve learned to conserve, to love more deeply, to reach out more quickly, and to bear one another’s burdens more deeply.

My Mom’s words give our service vision an even deeper meaning: We create a thriving community where people love where they live. Kenmore has come a long way since we became a city almost 22 years ago, and we still have a way to go—there’s so much yet to do.…We also have a long way to go with this pandemic. Only a small fraction of our population has been infected and a vaccine is still many months away. But I’m so impressed with how both our Kenmore residents and my co-workers have come together during this time of stress and uncertainty. Their positivity and kindness have been an example to me and have strengthened me. So, let’s all “skid” into this turn the best we can – we’re not going to be perfect, but I know that exciting and better times are still ahead. And I very much look forward to those times with the Kenmore community and my amazing team. Let’s all propel Kenmore upward by creating a thriving community where people love where they live.

  -- Rob Karlinsey, Kenmore City Manager

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The Kenmore City Council, City Manager and the Bothell Kenmore Chamber would like to thank everyone that attended the virtual 2020 State of the City Address.

The virtual format of this special event would not have been possible without the sponsorship of Cascadia College.

Thank you to all event sponsors:

Presenting Sponsor: The Lodge at Saint Edward

Event Sponsors: Flyway Retail + Living, The LINQ Lofts + Flats, Puget Sound Energy and The Spencer 68 Apartments + Lofts Supporting Sponsors: Sound Transit, Alexa's Cafe, Bothell/Kenmore Reporter and Cascadia College Student of the Month Sponsor: JD Davis of SUNDANCE Energy Services